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Rabin's Memorial (Israel)
Sculpture Park (Denmark)
Sculpture Park (Netherlands)
Sundial (Herzlya, Israel)
Peace Garden (Eilat, Israel)
˝Tablets of Law˝ Landscape Sculpture (Bochnia)
˝Prayer˝ Landscape Sculpture (Poland)
˝Convivencia˝ Landscape Sculpture (Spain)
Sculpture Symposium Ashdod 1998
Video - Documentary about Yael (Hebrew + French)
Video - Documentary about Yael (Hebrew + English)
Video - Tv News piece about ˝Convivencia˝
Video - Documentary film about ˝Convivencia˝
Video - Tv News about sculpture garden in The Netherlands (Hebrew + French)
Video - Dutch Tv News abotu sculpture garden in Netherlands
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Special Projects

Rabin's Memorial in Tel Aviv
Rabin's Memorial in Tel Aviv
Memorial Rabin Tel Aviv, Israel 1996
In 1996 Yaël Artsi sculpted the Basalt Stone Sculpture of the Memorial of Yitzhak Rabin, the former Prime Minister of Israel, who was killed in Tel Aviv...[more...]
Sculpture Park Farum Denmark 1999
Sculpture Park Farum Denmark 1999
Sculpture Park Farum Denmark 1999
For the city of Farum, which is situated 20 km north-west of Copenhagen, Yaël Artsi came up with the idea to create an international sculpturepark near the beautifull lake. She was responsible for the artistic project and invited seven other sculptors from all over the world...[more...]
Sculpture Garden in Terschelling (Netherlands)
Sculpture Garden in Terschelling (Netherlands)
When Yael Artsi first set foot at Terschelling her idea was to create a monumental Sculpture and to place it in the landscape by the sea. The Dutch island Terschelling is located in the Wadden Sea, an inlet and a protected nature reserve, situated between the North Sea and the Northern Netherlands mainland, Germany and Denmark..[more...]
Sundial - Herzlya, Israel
Sundial - Herzlya, Israel
Time measurement presents one of the foundations of science and civilizations. Science is what enabled the measurement of time, a measurement that is the basis of all sciences. Modern society cannot exist without the exact measurement of time, and yet, time has remained an abstract concept...[more...]
Peace Garden in Eilat, Israel
Peace Garden in Eilat, Israel
Peace Garden in Eilat, Israel 1989
Before the actual Peace process in the Middle East started, Yaël Artsi came up with the idea to create a park in Eilat to attribute to a situation of peace. She was the curator and organised the complete project herself...[more...]
Landscape Sculpture - Bochnia
''Tablets of Law'' Landscape Sculpture - Bochnia
In memory of the Jews of Bochnia and the surroundings murdered by the German occupants during the Holocaust[more...]
''Prayer'' Landscape Sculpture - Poland
''Prayer'' Landscape Sculpture - Poland
A memorial sculpture dedicated to the Jewish People of Mezritch...[more...]
''Convivencia'' - Landscape Sculpture in Spain
''Convivencia'' - Landscape Sculpture in Spain
The inauguration of “Convivencia” In the city of Vitoria took place on December 10, 2004 (the Day of the declaration of Human Rights). The unveiling was witnessed by a large audience...[more...]
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