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Sculpture Symposium Ashdod 1998
Video - Documentary about Yael (Hebrew + French)
Video - Documentary about Yael (Hebrew + English)
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Video - Documentary film about ˝Convivencia˝
Video - Tv News about sculpture garden in The Netherlands (Hebrew + French)
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Selected Quotes

Selected Quotes

"I'm stroke by the deep sensuality emanating from these sculptures."


This is how Yael Artsi expresses straightforward her love and knowledge of the matter.  

Her sculpture: a series of caressing gestures reflecting this very powerful affective presence within the act of creating…  

Pierre Restany

Art Critic



Yael Artsi, this Israeli woman born in Morocco, has never hesitated since she studied in Paris, in Etienne Martin's workshop, to measure up, to confront, to strike in the outmost abstraction with the hardest woods such as this strange totem with its tormented bulk, embracing, grasping the void.

She manages to express and alternate boundless tenderness in Mother and Child, thrilling sensuality in Labors or Reclining Figure or determined power of freedom when we think we see the vague body of a woman, harsh and yet so gracious,  grasping a plot of land coarsely plowed, a stone that she digs with a huge pair of scissors, a stone that she  marks with grooves, she scratches, she rubs like this Oriental Seated intended to some huge Pharaoh,  even aluminum for which a Composition remains distressing,  ready to impose us its impact of mystery.  

But it is still, of course, the stone originating from many places, that Yael has worked on in her Kibbutz. Similar to the artist's image, her work is neat, nude, refusing to compromise.

Yael Artsi's sculpture, a work reflecting our times, hardened by struggle, wounded by trials, while knowing how to become deeply human, generous and sensual. Life.  

Pierre Brisset

Art Critic



A Symposium is always a unique event in time and place, a living dialog between creators and spectators. Sculptors coming from all around the world bring will them their traditions, culture, know-how and their own personality. Thanks to this Symposium, they are inspired by the contact with local atmosphere, people and nature.

The flow of emotion between artists and city residents turns this encounter into an enriching experience for both parties.

Yael Artsi


"The events' turning point: Yael Artsi"

No one of those who visited the international sculpture park in Fredtofteparken in Farum have a chance to miss the small hardworking woman, that in a wonderfully easy way handled the big stones and tools.

The name of the woman is Yael Artsi and she has been the main source of inspiration, for the whole project. Born 53 years ago in Marocco and since 1966 living in Israel were she’s living and working in a kibbutz in the old part of Caesarea.

She started out painting, but one of her teachers at artschool encouraged her to start sculpting since he thought that she painted like a sculptor.

”The powerpole of art from Israel “


31 08 99

“Farums new Sculpturepark”

This weekend, eight international sculptors handed over their works of art to the commune of Farum. The sculpturepark, which costed five million Danish crowns is still not completed for they still have to find the ideal location for every individual sculpture in the park.

The initiator and sculptress Yael Artsi from Israel could during the ceremonial opening festivities see when the mayor Peter Brixtoffte received a gift of honor

From the mayor of Jerusalem, which made him an honorary citizen of that town.

Frederiksboerg Amts Avis


10 08 99

“Both the art and the beer was cold in the tent”

People were sweating a lot when the sculpture park was officially opened on Saturday afternoon.

It took place in the big tent where a vernissage of smaller pieces of art made by the same artists was showed at the same time as they struggled to finish the big sculptures outside.

Ambassadors and representatives from the countries of the artists were there for the opening.

…Chief of tourism, Soren Hjorth, already sees big opportunities in the fact that the new tourist information shop of the town will be right next to the new sculpturepark.

[He says,] – We have already had inquiries from the outside about the new park from amongst others Novo Nordic Art society.


“Public service functions collected in one house”


09 08 99

“The working clothes has been put on “

…The Danish part of the group, Jesper Neergaard, said that he thinks that the organization [of the symposium] is perfect, and he hopes that this symposium will be a role model for coming projects…

Fredriksborg Amts Avis

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