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Sculpture Park (Denmark)

Sculpture Park Farum Denmark 1999

For the city of Farum, which is situated 20 km north-west of Copenhagen, Yaël Artsi came up with the idea to create an international sculpturepark near the beautifull lake. She was responsible for the artistic project and invited seven other sculptors from all over the world. For her a symposium is always a "unique happening in time and place, a living dialogue between creators and spectators".

The whole project lasted one month and the people of Farum have been witnessess of a lively happening of sculptors working with their material from morning till evening. At the same time there was much other cultural activity. In competition with the noise of hammers and chisels music and dance from all corners of the globe is being performed. Many people visit the park to observe the development of the sculptures and in a special open studio children got the chance to create their own sculptures.


The Cloud:

The sculpture of Yaël is called "The cloud", made from indian red granite and rusty iron. About this work she says herself:


"... The idea for this sculpture came from my encounter and amazement with the Danish climate, coming from a relatively dry area. The cloud stands not only for the abundance of rain, but I also associate it with an inner dream world (in Hebrew we say "walking in clouds" to describe being immersed in oneself). I decided to mount the cloud on railway lines because railways connect different places. For me it symbolises a passage to an alternative dreamworld. I wanted to combine liquid and solid so I chose to sculpt a waterfall, in which the very liquid water falls down a very solid rock."

Farum 1999 International Sculpture Symposium

Questions and answers by the symposium curator – Yael Artsi.


What makes the symposium a unique art event?

“A symposium is an opportunity for the sculptor to get out of the intimacy of the studio and expose oneself and one’s art to the public. On the other hand, it is an opportunity for the citizens of the city to witness the process of creation and to see a block of stone gradually becoming a piece of art. It is an expression of living art itself and gives the creation a human dimension. Therefore, it is an encounter that enriches both the artist and the citizens of the city.

There is a flow of energy, emotions and mentality between the artists and the city citizens during the symposium. The sculptors, coming from various countries all around the world, bring with them their traditions, their own culture, their knowledge and their unique personalities. Throughout the symposium they are in contact with Danish climate, mentality, people, landscapes, and are inspired by all of them. The symposium, therefore, is always and foremost a unique happening in time and place, A living dialog between creators and spectators.”


What makes eight sculptors with successful careers leave their studios and countries for thirty days of hard work in Farum?

“An artist usually works alone in the studio and his only dialog during the time of creation is with the stone he works on. Coming to Farum to work alongside eight other sculptors is a unique opportunity for the artists to exchange ideas, knowledge, techniques etc. This situation of being surrounded with eight other artists endorses each of the sculptors with energy and stamina that they would never have had alone in the studio. It helps overcoming the hard and difficult moments that are part of the creation process.

The ongoing relationship with the citizens of the city is another source of inspiration for the artist. This involvement with local passers by poses a challenge and strengths the artist’s commitment to finish the sculpture within the thirty days of the symposium. It becomes a mission, and the sculptor finds within him the power to complete the project in spite of the short time and the difficulties on site.

So, I see the symposium as an energizing refreshing and inspiring opportunity for each participant and I believe this is the reason that artists are eager to take part in this event.”

Letter from the Chairman of the Cultural Committee
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