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Rabin's Memorial (Israel)
Sculpture Park (Denmark)
Sculpture Park (Netherlands)
Sundial (Herzlya, Israel)
Peace Garden (Eilat, Israel)
˝Tablets of Law˝ Landscape Sculpture (Bochnia)
˝Prayer˝ Landscape Sculpture (Poland)
˝Convivencia˝ Landscape Sculpture (Spain)
Sculpture Symposium Ashdod 1998
Video - Documentary about Yael (Hebrew + French)
Video - Documentary about Yael (Hebrew + English)
Video - Tv News piece about ˝Convivencia˝
Video - Documentary film about ˝Convivencia˝
Video - Tv News about sculpture garden in The Netherlands (Hebrew + French)
Video - Dutch Tv News abotu sculpture garden in Netherlands
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Articles in English

The time of stone
Gideon Ofrat
From the outset, I identify the time range of Yael Artsi’s “stone time” - stone time qua living time – as straddling two sculptures she created between 1986 and 1990...[more...]
Stones with a heart
Stones with a heart
The sea takes and the sea gives
By Pauline Brenninkmeijer

When Yael Artsi first set foot at Terschelling her idea was to create a monumental Sculpture and to place it in the landscape by the sea. The Dutch island Terschelling is located in the Wadden Sea, an inlet and a protected nature reserve...[more...]
Selected Quotes
Quotes and Reviews from Art Critics, Journalists, and Yael...[more...]
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